Yoga & Meditation Classes in Anchorage


Our classes are designed to offer students a safe and supportive environment in which they can explore the balance between effort and ease. In a group practice you can expect to find both invigoration and relaxation. In the Iyengar tradition of therapeutic yoga we aim to help students find the most efficient alignment in postures to allow energy to move freely through the body. We draw on our fervent interest in and knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as our own experiences with injury and rehabilitation to translate teachings in ways that are accessible to all students.

Traditional postures are used in classes to explore the body’s memories and fears, joys and strengths. Insight meditation is taught as a way to discern between action and reaction, thought, expectation, need and want. Through thoughtful observation practitioners gain power to focus their energy more productively and with more ease.

ALL CLASSES are offered by donation at the G STREET STUDIO, pre-registration is not required.

Punchcards are available and can be purchased at the Studio or by clicking here.


Intelligent and effective movement, breathing and mindfulness practice. Standing postures, forward bends, backbends, twists and inversions with modifications to increase accessibility for all students. Beginners who are fit and thoughtful are welcome.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 12-1 pm

Gentle Practice

Posture, movement, breathing and mindfulness practice. Mostly floor based with extra instruction and time for props and alignment. All are welcome.

Wednesday, 10-11:30 am

Gentle Practice for Beginners

Posture, movement, breathing and mindfulness practice for never-ever yogis and especially geared towards those with age-related concerns. Mostly chair based with extra instruction and time for props and alignment. All are welcome.

most Mondays (please check the calendar to verify),  1:30-2:45pm

Inversions with Margi

Immerse in some of the most powerful and important postures in our practice. Learn how to approach inversions safely and methodically, how to adapt and modify for a whole range of conditions and how to integrate inversions into daily practice.

Beginning with child’s pose and legs up the wall pose and progressing to variations of shoulderstand, headstand,  handstand and elbow balance. For teachers and dedicated students.

Mondays, 10/1, 10/8, 11/5, 11/12/18, 6-7:30pm

Restorative Practice

Meditation, music and mindfulness practice in wonderfully supported postures to restore both physical and mental space. Mostly floor based with extra instruction and lots time for props and process. All are welcome.


Neighborhood Yoga

For the first time yogi (who is fit and healthy) and the experienced practitioner who want clear instruction and moderate intensity. Standing postures, inversions, forward bends, backbends and twists for physical vitality, mental and emotional health.

Pay what you can, bring your props, your sense of humor, your intention for world peace, your tight muscles, your busy mind and, for good measure, your neighbor! Bike, walk or ski for extra style points.

Classes are held at the Anchor Park Methodist Church at the corner of Lake Otis Parkway and Oak St.

By donation.

4th Saturday of the month, 10-11:30am (+ 30min for tea and snacks): 

July 28, Aug 25, Sept 22, Oct 27, Nov 24, Dec 22, 2018

Intro to Meditation

4-Week Series with Margi Clifford

Dates TBA 

Meditation is the practice of paying attention to one’s own mind. It is an ancient practice enjoying a modern resurgence because of its numerous and significant health benefits. A regular meditation practice can help reduce stress and increase tolerance. Meditation aids concentration, creativity and increases ease and patience. Practitioners learn to manage pain, cravings, and moods and enjoy better health and vitality. This workshop series is an opportunity for you to learn more about meditation and to practice several techniques in a supportive environment with a knowledgeable teacher. The series is appropriate for beginners with no prior experience. It would also be enjoyed by anyone who is looking for a refresher on techniques or who wants some additional support for their practice.
Margi Clifford has been practicing meditation for nearly two decades. Her early interest in theology and philosophy led her to the Eastern perspective and she has pursued it with passion. Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA has become her spiritual home and she regularly attends weeklong silent meditation retreats there, in Anchorage she sits with the Fireweed Sangha of Mindful Living.