Insight Yoga Teacher Training 2017

Insight Yoga
Teacher Training

Program dates TBA:  2018-2019

Our program has a specific focus on helping students develop insight, in their practice both on and off the mat, and in their roles guiding others. It was developed with a special intention to offer advanced studies and teacher training to students who might not otherwise see themselves as yoga teachers, or ever teach in a studio setting. We have had nurses, therapists, teachers, and parents as some of our most successful students. Our faculty holds degrees in Counseling Psychology, Physical Therapy, Nursing, Biomedical Ethics and Public and Community Service Studies in addition to Yoga Teaching credentials. This interdisciplinary approach, with teachers from a wide variety of backgrounds is unique. The program includes opportunities for professional development and advanced study for students and allied professionals who are mature, inquisitive and dedicated. Continuing education credits are available for Registered Yoga Teachers through Yoga Alliance and for licensed professionals through Alaska Pacific University.

Course Flexibility

This teacher training and professional development program is designed to accommodate the diverse needs and schedules of our students. Students may choose from evening, weekend and weekday classes and may register for individual classes or series. When you register for a series of classes, you get a 20% discount over pricing for individual classes. Students enrolled for certification get an additional 20% discount. There are core components and several electives to choose from to further specialize the training. Program advisors will be available to help design each student’s unique course.

Becoming A Registered Yoga Teacher

Successful teacher trainees must be accepted for certification and agree to program guidelines. A minimum of 10 contact hours with the lead trainer is required before enrollment (students may accrue these hours in the course of the program.) Coursework, including a teaching practicum, must be completed between September 2017 and December 2018. Upon completion students will be able to register in Yoga Alliance’s international registry as a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Program elements listed below include both required and elective options. For successful completion of the certification course, 200 hours are required. These could apply retroactively if a student participates in an approved element before they’re enrolled for certification for the program.

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