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The Pause

You know that feeling when you’re in the middle of a vacation, or a winter, or a weekend? It’s that moment when time actually feels suspended. For me, it’s like that moment high on the arc of a swing, hanging in midair for a moment before the rush of movement pulls me. It’s like time […]

The obstacles

Obstacles get in our way, slow us down, interrupt our progress and, depending on our mood can “grind our gears” or “harsh our mellow.” And, they seem to be everywhere. Other people (traffic, lines, phone calls, tantrums,) the weather, technology, furniture, fatigue, pathogens… all of these might also show up on your list of obstacles. […]

Tips for a Mindful Holiday

These are tips for a mindful holiday, any holiday. Birthdays and anniversaries, sunrise, sunset and all of the other events that repeat on our calendars… give us the opportunity to realize our powerful potential. Yoga for mental health is a soulful practice of poise. It allows us to look at life, from all aspects, with […]


Feeling that new moon this month. The beginning of something, that comes right after the end of something… it’s such a tender time. Think of moms and babies, tiny seedlings, a new school, a new job, a new relationships… that tremor of change… sometimes we recognize it as excitement, anticipation… sometimes fear, vulnerability, rawness. Our […]

Who are you?

What’s your type? Or, in the immortal words of that curious catepillar…  “Who are YOU?” If you use this as a prompt for a period of self-reflection, what do you come up with as an answer?  Currently, I’m someone who eats cookies for lunch! And cries when debriefing a difficult professional situation with a friend […]

FULL moon

Oh, this MOON, piercing the black night sky and sweetening the pastel hues of the morning. It’s the hunter’s moon, I’ve also seen the full moon called the traveller’s moon. It’s magical.  It feels true to me… I’ve been looking for sustenance, open to what this season uniquely reveals. I’ve been covering miles, soaking in […]


I turned 44 last weekend. I have to say, I love getting older. And so far, the 40s are my favorite decade yet! Birthdays are such powerful days. As someone who has experienced infertility knows, a viable pregnancy itself is a miracle. A live birth is another. Surviving childhood is something we take for granted […]