Yoga for Childhood

Covering ages 6 weeks and up, this special focus class will give you tools and tips on how to connect with kids of all ages through yoga. We will discuss and explore yoga sequences for all states of childhood, including post-natal parent & baby yoga, yoga for wiggly preschoolers, for elementary school-age kids, and yoga to benefit the transitional years of tweens and teens. Yoga can help kids connect to their bodies and recognize their emotional states, build confidence, release stress, and can be used as a quieting technique for reflection and understanding. Yoga can be especially beneficial to people with anxiety issues – and we shall focus on yoga poses to help reduce anxiety in children and teens.

Teaching Methods with Margi

Students will learn techniques for investigation and communication of mind, body and soul from yoga, counseling psychology, neuroscience and physiology. How to use props, integrate other expressive arts, practice and teach inversions, and, use effective anatomical and philosophical language to guide personal practice and build leadership capacity. For RYTs, teacher trainees and allied practitioners.

What’s my Type with Margi

From horoscope signs, to Myers-Briggs, you’re either this kind of person or you’re that kind of person. We have the Doshas of Ayurveda, the Enneagram, archetypes and spirit animals as evidence of humans’ long fascination with ways to explain and distinguish their experience from that of another. In this course, students will learn about gene expression, nature v. nurture, and, methods for better understanding some aspects of personality and individual constitutions in order to facilitate effective treatments for healing and to help maintain good health lifelong. Several techniques will be presented, discussed for scientific validity, tested for efficacy when possible and offered for personal and professional applications.

Foundations of Yoga with Xochitl

Students will learn fundamental components of posture practice with special attention to transitions and variations for all populations. Techniques, training and practice: Sun and Moon sequences, standing postures, twists and variations, Restorative yoga for relaxation. Students will learn classical postures through practice and, teaching techniques through demonstration and discussion. Successful students will demonstrate postures in a way that reflects a balance of ease and effort. The Foundations of Teaching Yoga series includes opportunity for students to practice observing bodies, alignment, and indicators of distress. They will learn to offer modifications and adaptations and to encourage students to recognize their own postural foundations and habits.

Create your dream life: Vision boarding workshop with Heidi

Create your dream life
Vision boarding workshop
Take a step closer to realizing your dreams in this fun, hands-on workshop. 
Vision boards are an amazing tool to help manifest your goals. Using playful art making, this workshop will help you get clear on who you want to become & the greatest possibility for your life. You’ll walk away with an inspiring vision board collage and home practices to help you to continue to take action towards your dreams.
The workshop is divided into two days. On Day 1, you’ll be led through brainstorming exercises to get you inspired about the possibilities for your future. You’ll begin doing layout and planning on your vision board. Homework will be to research additional images and materials to fulfill your vision. On Day 2, you’ll complete your vision board so that it’s ready to take home and hang up!
Please bring old magazines and craft materials that you’d like to use.
Days: Tuesdays, Sept 10 & 17.
Time: 6:30-8pm
Cost: $25
What’s provided: scissors, cutting tools, paper backgrounds, colored paper, oil pastels, markers, magazines to cut out, paint chips

Insight Teacher Training Intensive

These two weeklong intensives are the anchors of our 2019-2020 Insight Teacher Training program. You must be accepted and enrolled in the program to attend.

Midweek with Margi

A refreshing midweek movement and meditation practice with yoga therapist and teacher, Margi Clifford, for all levels.

Come after work, be home in time for dinner. Assure a strong finish for your week and ease into the weekend… ☺️

Yoga with Margi

A new season of midday yoga classes with Margi… mixed levels are welcome. Expect opportunities to connect with loving awarenss, mindful movement and clarity around intention and purpose. The perfect place to settle attention in the middle of the day!

Classes are lovingly offered by donation. Donations are gratefully (and anonymously) collected at the Studio. You can also purchasea punchcard there or here: