Girdwood Alaska

To step away and come together, to turn away from the noise and towards wisdom, love and delight… this is how we gain strength and conviction! If you’ve been working hard, feeling disappointed and/or needing to reconnect please set a day aside and gather in Girdwood, Alaska with us later this month!
For healers and helpers… movement, meditation, self-care and community in a gorgeous and peaceful setting.
It makes a difference, every choice, every action, you, me, we can do it differently. We can make a change. Here and now is always when and where… with ourselves is how. Clear your path and others will be able to follow your lead.
Healers and helpers we need you to lead!
Registration required

For healthcare providers, supervisors, educators, and parents… an opportunity to fully immerse in a day of self-care!

With lots of time outdoors, in community, with long periods of deep quiet, expressive arts, deep breathing and nourishing movement, you’ll find a real respite from the demands of caretaking, a refreshed perspective and renewed confidence, creativity and calm moving forward.

We’re so happy to be support the efforts of Challenge Alaska to bring the joy of movement and adventure to all Alaskans and will be based at their beautiful facility at the top of Crystal Mountain Road in Girdwood for this special event.

$135 includes lunch, workshops and materials
$115 per person for groups of 3 or 4
$108 per person for groups of 5+