Individual and Group Therapy


In therapy you can figure out how to reduce suffering and increase contentment and joy!

You can gain confidence and skill and to learn how to transform stress and pain into strength and tolerance.

This is a mindfulness based therapy through which you will learn to understand and use techniques to achieve balance, improve functioning and meet goals.

How does therapy work? In individual therapy you’ll learn more about biological, environmental and psychological factors that contribute to your health. It’s a great way to get a fresh perspective on a situation. You can also use therapy as a place to ask questions and learn more about what’s “normal,” “abnormal,” temporary or chronic.

The first few sessions are usually conversational to help build rapport and clarify issues. After that, you’ll determine the agenda for each session and can ask for as much help as you need. You may have new information to process or you may want to practice developing skills.

In group therapy you get to practice skills in a safe environment, build relationships with like-minded people and enjoy the energy that other people bring to your practice.

Acute conditions, like recent injury, illness, or emotional trauma may warrant weekly or biweekly meetings. Chronic conditions benefit greatly from ongoing maintenance and a seasonal review can be helpful. Ongoing emotional and mental health assessment and support is recommended for the general population on an annual or biannual basis, especially during transitional periods like: change in school or work, menopause, mid-life crises, change in relationship status and bereavement.

Physical postures and therapeutic movement, including supported postures that encourage relaxation, are often used in individual therapy sessions. Guided meditation, breathing and mental focusing techniques allow clients to gain familiarity and control over their inner world.


Our therapists follow best practices in psychotherapy with a client-centered and solution focused approach. A range of talk and interactive therapeutic techniques may be employed to assist clients to identify and pursue their goals. Cognitive behavioral therapy is among these. We are especially interested in insight based therapies that empower clients to understand and direct their destiny. All of our therapists have been awarded graduate degrees from accredited institutions and are either currently licensed or under supervision while in pursuit of licensure.

Tele-therapy is available for those outside of Anchorage and/or who need additional support.

Yoga therapy

Posture, breathing and meditation practice to complement your psychotherapeutic process for healing from trauma: physical, mental and emotional and to preserve well-being.

Forward bends, backbends, twists, and inversions with modifications to increase accessibility for all students. No prior experience necessary.

Our yoga therapists are trained in both psychotherapeutic and hatha yoga techniques. All are independently certified or licensed or are under supervision while in pursuit of independent licensure or certification. Some services may be billable to insurance.

One-season or four-season consultation is available for those who are not looking for ongoing therapy. Ongoing therapy is also available. Call for intake: 907.277.YOGA or click here to book an appointment.

Tween / Teen Group

Contact us to inquire about current programs.

Insurance billing is available. Intake is required. Contact us to schedule intake appointment.

Cancer care

Compassionate complementary care for cancer patients and survivors. Margi is the only Yoga for Cancer certified therapist in Alaska. She has been working with oncology patients, caregivers and providers for the past decade to find the greatest benefits of yoga therapy for this special population. Clients can expect to learn how to maintain and improve strength, build endurance and breathe more easily. In groups, we practice mindful awareness, tolerance and even gratitude. Participants will be invited to explore a range of physical postures, breathing techniques and mental strategies for vitality.

If you would like to join us, call our office: (907) 277-YOGA, use the “book an appointment” link on the homepage or, email: to schedule an individual intake to determine eligibility and insurance.

Please discuss referral with your doctors, no signed referral is necessary for individual or group therapy.

Moods and Food Group

Request information about upcoming session.

Education and reflection in this therapeutic group practice, on two of the most powerful forces that effect our health and wellbeing. Learn how to translate communication from your gut and truly nourish yourself. Small group therapy with experienced facilitators. Mood conditions including seasonal, premenstrual, perinatal, menopausal, those related to grief, injury, illness and/or trauma may improve significantly with integrative group therapy.

Gentle movement, meditation and mindfulness strategies will be explained and offered for experience. Beginners are welcome. All physical conditions will be supported.

Please contact our office to schedule an intake appointment. Billable to insurance for qualified participants. Sliding scale available for self-pay.