Yoga for Mental Health

Margi Clifford, licensed counselor and experienced yoga teacher in Anchorage, Alaska, and her colleagues at Yoga for Mental Health teach students how to use the nervous system to calm the mind and increase contentment and joy. Practitioners seek out opportunities to gain perspective, build community and practice mindfulness in movement and stillness.

With a blend of therapeutic techniques from counseling psychology, yoga, ayurveda and insight meditation, we teach groups and individuals how to recognize and achieve goals. Ongoing practice is recommended to maintain good health and as complementary treatment for mood disorders, anxiety, acute and post-traumatic stress disorders, ADHD, chronic pain, auto-immune disorders, orthopedic injury and many other conditions. You can choose individual or group therapy or can drop-in for classes.

Yoga for Mental Health has been licensed for practice by the state of Alaska since 2006. Therapists are licensed or in pursuit of licensure and under supervision. Yoga teachers have successfully completed recognized teacher programs. Associates are independently licensed .


Service and Collaboration

We’re committed to social justice and equal rights, in particular, to increasing accessibility of healthcare and education to underserved populations.

Classes and groups are always available by donation to clients without adequate healthcare insurance benefits or ability to pay. Just let us know if you need help paying.



We’re committed to education and personal practice, from advanced trainings with global leaders to retreats in nature and simple pleasures.

We believe wholeheartedly in the positive power of generosity, kindness and sincerity in practice.



We love to explore and adventure and find inspiration in world travels, exotic foods, snow, surf and mountains!

We offer yoga retreats in Alaska and abroad, which allows us to share our love of the world with students.

Here’s where you can make a donation for a class.
Or, to support ongoing access to therapy for underserved populations.
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