Mission Statement

Yoga for Mental Health is a practice of mindful movement and meditation which promotes healing, growth and vitality. Our Insight Teacher Training and Certification Program is intended to help students develop insight, on and off the mat, and in their roles guiding others.

Course Overview

Educational Philosophy and Objectives

This is a module based certification and continuing education program for both aspiring and working yoga professionals. Key concepts guiding the program include: inquiry, service, gratitude and beauty. The classical eight-limbed path of yoga and related teachings, particularly as taught in the Iyengar and Vipassana traditions will be central. Moral, behavioral, postural, breathing, sense and mental attributes will be considered and current understanding from neuroscience and psychology will be shared. Successful students will demonstrate a growth mindset and the application of physical practices over time. There will be two week-long intensives held at the beginning (August 2019) and near the end of the program (January 2020) that will be required for all who desire Yoga Alliance registry. Electives, apprenticeships and independent study complete the offerings of the 2019-2020 program.

Our aim is to support and prepare sensitive, skillful, ethical, and well-rounded practitioners and teachers. Our students learn how to integrate therapeutic intent and technical skills in the application of yogic principles. It may be used for both personal and professional development. This program follows the guidelines, established by Yoga Alliance, for 200 hour yoga teacher training programs. It will provide a solid foundation upon which participants will continue to build and develop professional skills as they gain experience. Faculty and staff will provide encouragement, information, feedback and space for students to develop competence. Students will be asked to commit to home practice and to collaborate with other yoga practitioners by participating in group teaching sessions. Individual consultation and supervision will be available to support personal and professional development as needed. Upon completion, students will receive certification which will allow them to register with Yoga Alliance as RYT, Registered Yoga Teacher.