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In this free online yoga class, we’ve cut through the clutter and highlighted the 10 most essential and transformative yoga poses we know of. These 10 essential poses are powerful. They can be practiced safely, and there’s a version of each that’s appropriate for any body type and skill level.

After taking this course, you’ll be in better touch with your body, and you’ll know how to control your nervous system, how to communicate with loving intention, and how to find strength and ease through a home yoga practice. These 10 yoga poses will also help improve your respiration, balance, confidence, and circulation. In this course, you’ll find versions of each posture to suit your body’s current needs. You’ll also learn how to modify yoga poses with confidence when your needs change.


With each yoga pose, we’ll consider:

  1. Contraindications and modifications to avoid injury
  2. How to wake-up and warm-up the parts of the body that the posture will stimulate
  3. Ideal alignment of bones
  4. Direction for energy and intention

Please pay attention to this process in order to see how it works! Here’s a form that you can use to track your progress: click to download. These poses will grow and change as you do. Bring your curiosity, respect, humor, and patience to the practice and you will find lifelong companionship, support, and insight with them. If you have specific questions or concerns, ask an experienced teacher or request a consultation.

Margi Clifford

Margi Clifford is an outdoor enthusiast and yoga teacher with more than 20 years of experience as a holistic healthcare provider and educator. She’s based in Anchorage, Alaska, and has traveled extensively hosting international yoga retreats, providing health education, speaking at wellness conventions, and offering mindfulness consultations for healthy workplaces.

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