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Equinox Course - Yoga for Mental Health

September 13 – October 24, 2021

Optimize your potential and enhance your wellbeing with our unique Fall Equinox Course. 

Join Margi and an inspired group in our seasonal Fall Equinox Course to practice yoga, study cycles, and learn to recognize and direct your unique power!

This online course is a blend of all the best that we have to offer: practice sessions, self-directed learning, home exercises, group process, and 1:1 support. Diverse learning styles are supported, and both introverts and extroverts will feel right at home!

This is mindful therapy.

It can be used for healing, maintaining good health, and facilitating growth and development.

You will learn the characteristics, strengths, and vulnerabilities of different seasons, particularly fall, and see how those characteristics play out, not only throughout the year but in every day, week, month, and project. After taking this course, you will better understand how food, activities, relationships, and habits affect your experience, and you will come away with enhanced appreciation, confidence, and resolve. 

This is a healing practice.

 This Fall Equinox Course is a way to practice mindfulness and promote wellbeing with the encouragement of a trusted facilitator and supportive group. You will notice the difference in the quality of your relationships with others and with yourself. With just 5 minutes a day dedicated to this practice, you will see the benefits!

We are offering this unique Fall Equinox Course as an anchor in the storm that is this most unusual fall. It is valued at more than $2000, but we’re offering it to you for just $499. Scroll down to see a breakdown of the value of each of the components of this powerful course.  You can pay using a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account, or check with your employer if you have continuing education funding available for courses related to communication or healthcare. Yoga teachers are eligible for continuing education credit.

What participants say:

“Thank you for the structure and attention you gave to this course to help guide us and hold us through this process!”

I have enjoyed the design of this course because of the breakdown of each limb, the meaning of it, and how to be in tune with each part. Relationship, self, body, breath, senses, concentration, and meditation are the areas we applied internally/externally.

“This is a lifelong practice and I know I’ll be listening again. I would love to revisit on an annual basis as there was so much wonderful information. Even with taking notes I know I’ve missed things”

“The check-ins in the morning carried me through the day.”

This course includes:

  • Extraordinary online content

    • 8 limbs of yoga guided practice
    • Daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal cycles revealed
    • Mind, body, and spirit integrated
    • Diverse learning styles supported
  • Supportive community

    • Exclusive member access
    • Weekly video conference
    • Discussion board
    • Confidential, caring, and diverse cohort
  • Personal attention

    • Options to support and encourage diverse schedules and learning styles
    • Space and time for you to practice and process
    • Emphasis on quality over quantity
    • SMS and email support
  • Flexible schedule

    • Practice bundles delivered weekly so you can practice at your own pace
    • Morning, afternoon, and evening options for live sessions
    • Online home practice guide that you can download and take with you!
  • Exceptional opportunity for progress

    • 6-week session
    • Clear and accessible content
    • A proven framework for practice
    • Self-directed, 1:1, and small group structure for support

Special Price

$39900HSA/FSA eligible
  • 6 weeks of exclusive online content
  • PLUS
  • Weekly livestream with teacher
  • SMS and email support
  • Access to all weekly livestream classes

Discussion Board

    Share your love of yoga on the platform of your choice.