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Summer Solstice Yoga Study - Yoga for Mental Health

Summer Solstice Yoga is for busy parents, professionals, students of life and love… 

Seasonal study helps you recognize and harness the unique power of each wonderful phase of the year. This Summer Solstice Yoga Study is a version of mindfulness. It is self-healing with the encouragement of a trusted facilitator and supportive group. You will learn, through Yoga practice, in all of its forms, the characteristics, strengths, and vulnerabilities of the seasonal cycles, especially the Summer Solstice. You will see how they play out, not only throughout the year but in every day, week, month, project, and even lifespan. We will practice exploring the potential of each phase and you will better understand how food, activities, relationships and habits contribute. 

The 8 limbs of yoga will give you at least that many ways to access this therapeutic material. This Solstice Yoga course is self-directed and empowering, you can pick and choose what content to focus on, speed up or slow down as you like. It is designed to support multiple intelligences, so you can both lean on old favorites and develop new skills. Introverts and extroverts welcome! A group video conference is offered each week with your facilitator, otherwise, the schedule is up to you! It is recommended that you dedicate a minimum of 5 minutes a day for practice. You will also be offered a private session to help you integrate what you’ve learned.

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