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Yoga for Mental Health - Winter Solstice 2020

You and me

From the outermost edges into the depths, we come to know ourselves, and each other. Through experience, we learn. From our memories to our day to day interactions to our wildest dreams and fondest hopes, we connect the dots. This mini-course will help you to do just that.

We’re diving into the heart of yoga practice. These practices are known as the roots and the trunk of the yoga tree. They are what must come before any of the others.

Learn more about how to take care of yourself, and how to form and maintain meaningful relationships with the very practical, very timely, and whole-hearted practice of yoga!

  • On-demand online course content (see Course Contents below for detail)

  • Daylong retreat on Saturday, December 19

    • with both live online and in-person (outdoor) options
  • Option to add annual membership at discounted rate for access to all class recordings

  • Option to add private session

December 13-26, 2020

December 19 retreat

The course was wonderful. I loved that it was self-paced. It could be done in little bits or in deep dives depending on what time permitted and what lesson called for greater attention. The framework makes it doable for someone with a busy schedule and was a great catalyst for creating time and space for thought-provoking introspection.

I am feeling more confident in what my body can do, and ready to make this a can do activity.

The steps of the course and the tools I gained within the weeks of the course have gently loosened my grip on fear. I began to learn about pausing. About being able to pause, to gather myself into this transition of breath, a moment in life, and use that to push back on all the should-have-done and need-to-do’s. That is a gift of sanity.

Short durations of intention and discipline really can and do make a big difference.

I am a caregiver. To be the kind of person who can nurture, love, and care for others, I need to be my best self. I think that has to start with the seed of intention for my own healing and growth. I learned to listen to my body and began to understand what I needed to heal.

The written information for each day and especially the videos were very useful. I really enjoyed and benefited from the group meeting. What I liked was the concept of a daily practice that was doable.