Yoga for Women

December 7, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Yoga for Mental Health
406 G Street
Suite 212 Anchorage
AK 99501
Yoga for Women @ Yoga for Mental Health

The female body undergoes many transitions throughout life, and yoga can help every step of the way. In this special focus class, we shall explore yoga approaches to help relieve many common physical discomforts of womanhood, including best poses for menstrual cramps, for enhancing fertility, during the incredible journey of pregnancy, and through the transition of menopause.

With a specific focus on prenatal yoga, this class will demonstrate how to keep pregnant yoga students safe. We will learn which pose modifications are best for each of the three trimesters, which pranayama (breathwork) techniques are safest, and how to prop the pregnant body for maximum restorative benefits. Anatomy and physiology of hormonal changes throughout life, of the pregnant body, specific yoga pose adaptions, and techniques for relieving common physical discomforts shall be offered. Kristiann Maclean began teaching yoga in 2008 here in Anchorage, and credits her practice of prenatal yoga for keeping her sane and comfortable during her pregnancies, and as she journeys into menopause.