Kind Words

I practice with Margi because she has a sophisticated teaching style that addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self in each class. She is an athlete with a history of injury, a therapist, a yogi with a wealth of teaching experience, and a citizen of the world who lives daily with a deep conscientiousness of her local and global community. I am so grateful to have her close!

Hope M, Anchorage

Margi seamlessly blends asana, anatomy and philosophy in an easily digestible way. She not only makes yoga accessible for everyone, but from my first class with her I felt welcomed and seen. Margi’s class is a welcome and rejuvenating break from my busy life; she skillfully delivers a balanced yoga practice that is both challenging and restorative. Yoga with Margi is wonderfully multi-layered – mind, body, spirit – by the end of class I feel so much better!

Andrea G., Anchorage

I practice yoga for the mental as well as physical well-being it offers. I turn myself over to a master of the practice, who knows what magically maintains and preserves my muscle and joint health, as well as my circulatory, glandular, and organ condition. I had placed my trust in Lynn Minton, who helped me stay mentally and physically healthy for 20 years. I have known other teachers who do varying degrees of a good job at leading a class, but it wasn’t until I found Margi that I again could relax with the knowledge that I was in the hands of a master. Her mental health care background plays into her ability to help the students in her classes find the postures and degrees of intensity that benefit them the most, individually. She provides constant encouragement to all students, from beginners, and those with health limitations, to athletes and people with years of study behind them, to safely find their own limits, and to grow from there. Her classes provide the basis for the structure of my week. They help keep me balanced, head, heart and body.

Marion V, Anchorage

After viewing Margi’s Website off and on for a few months, I finally took the “leap.” Like many, I wondered how “Yoga Therapy” would help me with my mental health issues and the transition occurring in my life. I had seen previous therapists who used strictly talk therapy and realized I wanted something different. Margi’s method included therapeutic communications, but with a focus on how Yoga asana’s and Mindfulness can lead to insight. I was then able to “practice” what I gained from these private sessions with Margi on a daily basis and did not have to wait the week until my next counseling session. Margi is a wonderful Professional Licensed Counselor and Yoga Therapist and I am so grateful that I took the “leap”. Her influences have truly transformed my life.

Mrs. Michael IwataRN, MSN retired

Being one of the most nonjudgmental people I have ever met, Margi has helped me gain strength, balance, health and tremendous patience with myself through our yoga practices. I am very thankful I took the time and effort to work with her.

J., Anchorage

I practice yoga with Margi Clifford because her approach is fun, friendly and encouraging. She has a vast knowledge of yoga, anatomy and behavioral health and she seamlessly integrates all of these into her teaching in a deep and meaningful way.
Margi reminds me that I know my body best and can push or pull back as each practice allows.  There is never any judgement – only encouragement. Every class seems to be so well thought out – each pose builds on the next as if we are adding bricks to a foundation.  By the end of a class, workshop or retreat I feel as if everything we have done has led us to that moment.

Shannon S.