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In person

Therapy groups are focused, intentional, personal and practical. They offer the opportunity to practice balance: introspection and connection, structure and flexibility, effort and ease. Your guide is more than a teacher. This is more than a class.

Yoga therapy groups include posture, movement, breathing and meditation practices tailored to meet your needs. This is a supportive, innovative, safe and joyful approach to holistic healthcare.

Groups are limited to six participants. There are three group sessions this fall, each session is 3-5 weeks long. You will be asked to register and pay in advance for each session.

You must submit a “request form” if you would like to join a group. This process assures that we are able to provide you with an appropriate level of care. Requests will be considered on a first come, first served basis. You may be offered space on a waiting list if a group that you request to join is full.

This fall we are offering small in person groups for:


Livestream classes are for you at home, at the office or on vacation. Whether you’re in a different time zone, in your comfiest yoga clothes or birthday suit, with your partner, kids, pets and/or by yourself, these classes provide ongoing opportunity to be a part of a community and practice.

You can drop-in to livestream classes online and be with your teacher in real time. You can have your camera on or off, it’s up to you. Some of our online courses have livestream components (you need to be registered for the course in order to participate in those.) Other livestream classes happen on a monthly or weekly basis and some are offered as a series. Visit our calendar and click on the class that you’re interested in attending to find out if it’s part of a course or series. You’ll also find registration and ticketing information there.

Most livestream classes are recorded and available on demand for our members.

With Margi:

Sunday yoga – the last Sunday of the month: 10am-noon

Pranayama (breathing practice) – Monday and Thursday: 8-8:15am


LIVE practice opportunities this week

Fall Equinox – 2021

September 13 - October 24

Balance, strength and sweetness (65+)

September 21 @ 10:00 am - 11:20 am AKDT

Athletes – All Ages

September 21 @ 12:00 pm - 1:20 pm AKDT

Essential Postures

September 21 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm AKDT

Yoga Classes are different at Yoga for Mental Health.

All of our talented teachers and therapists prioritize the healing and growth potential of the practice. We incorporate mindfulness, movement, posture, breathing, and meditation techniques. We offer a holistic and attentive approach to each student. YOU are the master and the guide. We help you realize your potential.

You’ll love the way you feel!

on demand

If you prefer to practice yoga on your own schedule, then don’t miss our archive of class recordings!

Membership is $299/year (until price increase on September 1, 2021) and includes access to our entire archive of class videos for all skill levels.

We regularly update our archives with new classes taught by our Founder, Margi Clifford and our phenomenal team!