What’s your type?

Or, in the immortal words of that curious catepillar…  “Who are YOU?”

If you use this as a prompt for a period of self-reflection, what do you come up with as an answer? 

Currently, I’m someone who eats cookies for lunch! And cries when debriefing a difficult professional situation with a friend and, kisses her husband goodbye and, takes a while to get going in the morning and bikes to work and, teaches yoga and, works at a computer and, grossly underestimates how long things take, and… 

I smile when I see these aspects of this self. Now I laugh… there were, and perhaps will be again, times when I’ve cringed.

Much of how we define ourselves has to do with what ROLES our ego has chosen. Some of it has to do with the energy we project, the qualities we embody and the things that we do. I’ll say more in a future post about the layers of self…

In this one I want to focus of the things that we do… the things that someone watching a movie of your life would see you doing. 

You have to BE the person you want to be in order to fully realize your potential. You also have to contend with who you REALLY are… and learn how to manage the much less permanent parts of you. 

Our families hold up very big, wide, sometimes distorted mirrors to help us see some of who we are. 

It can be awfully confusing to face those other versions of who we were, who we might have been, who we’re expecting each other to be, who Mom thought we were (and encouraged us to be), who Dad thinks we are and all of that…⠀

I’m practicing holding steady to who I am at my core and keeping a close eye for when healing’s happening related to what I have experienced. 

I’m trying to make more space for stillness and for others to expand. Learning to manage, or at least to tolerate, fear that resonance will never repeat, that connections may be lost if I stop reaching out for them.⠀

If you have regular contact with family, notice how you feel when you’re with them. If you don’t, notice how that feels. If you want, need or hope for something other than what you have… notice that. ⠀

We are a composite of all that came before and all that we are doing now to cultivate what will be. Maybe it’s forgiveness, maybe it’s trust, maybe it’s independence, maybe it’s intimacy. All of this is possible.⠀

It takes all that. ⠀

Keep showing up for yourself and DOING the things that need to be done in order to show the world who you really are. Little by little it is who you will become and you will be at peace. 

WIth such gratitude for all that you teach me with your presence… 


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