Striated light in the sky above dark, snow covered trees.

Are you afraid of the dark?

Have you not realized that your eyes will adjust,

that your hands and your ears,

and your nose can also see?

There is seeing that is more subtle than guided by the sun.

There is a brilliant light,

astonishing in the winter. It is reflected in the snow. It drives us indoors. It is too harsh for our sensitive souls.

There is the light of the moon, so predictably unpredictable.

There is the aura of the candle, just wide enough to capture what is right here.

There is a sparkle in the snow

and twinkling lights amidst the trees.

Cool blues and pinks to one side of the horizon, burnished reds and ocher mix with golden light on the other at the moments of transition.

I prefer the warm light.

Over on Scott’s side of the bed is a cool, bright light. He likes to be able to see clearly.

On my side is a warm, gentle, soft light. I like the way that my eyes relax when I turn from the brightness towards the softness. I like the wam, soft, gentle complement to the starry, bright, twinkling, sparkling, luminescence. I look over my shoulder and marvel at its beauty, and then turn again.

Why are we afraid of the dark?

Do we believe that we will get lost

or maybe that will be attacked

by something unexpected

or surprised and unable to prepare ourselves,

unable to rehearse our response?

Shoot, we might not even be wearing clean underwear!

Might we learn to see more clearly,

adjust our eyes,

focus our senses in the changing light,

so that whether it is night or day, summer or fall, stormy or calm,

whether we are feeling confident or doubtful, afraid or courageous, motivated or tired

may we see clearly.

May we know truly that we belong


Your presence is a gift. May you see clearly… in the dark and in the light.

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