It’s a new moon today… a brand new cycle to infuse with intention. The darkest nights are when the moon is new and really gives us the chance to settle, turn inward, be quiet and reflective. We will shine and express our light in a couple of weeks… now is the time to wait, to prepare. Maybe reflect on how things went during the last cycle… what wisdom is there to extract from your experience?

This new moon aligns with a total solar eclipse… when the sun, moon, and earth (in that order) are perfectly aligned (for a brief time!)

Each month’s new moon is quite unique. Most native cultures have names for the moons that align with the season during which they rise. The July moon is also known as the buck moon, the thunder moon, the hay moon, the blessing moon, the meadow moon,

This July new moon rises in the constellation of Cancer… it’s said to be a major influence on our sense of belonging. It might be when issues related to home, core values and primary relationships are coming to the forefront.

Depending on the circumstances of your life, this occurrence will have more or less of an effect on you. Whether or not these phenomena can be “scientifically” proven, they may be useful in your processes.

I’m going to offer “New Moon” practices this year. A link for registration will be in the next newsletter (click here to subscribe.) Enjoy the freshness of it all!

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