Stop, sit, stare… and share! The things we see, hear, taste, smell and feel and the stories we tell are the essence of these lives we’re living!

Before we hurl ourselves into this new month we can truly realize the powerful potential of the last if we pause for a moment and ask… what are the impressions that June 2019 made on your senses, your heart, your relationships? Will you share a couple in the comments?

This breakneck speed at which we’re sometimes inclined to move gets me thinking… what are we running from? We’re all going to wind up in the same place… and who really wants to die first??   I guess really we’re trying to have as many awesome experiences as we can while we’re here. The problem is that sometimes we overwhelm ourselves so that we forget who we are, where we are or why we’re here. (Like when we find ourselves lost in the kitchen…   or “can’t believe” it’s _____ already!)

I had a conversation with a colleague this weekend who was lamenting about an aspect of their job (that is also a central component of their job.) What they wanted instead, at that moment, was a break from it all, a chance to rest and digest what all they had already taken in that week (month, year.) I was struck by how easy it is for us to forget why we choose what we choose and do what we do. 

Practice shifting perspective and it will become more clear. 

Look up, to your right, to your left and down at the ground. Notice something pleasing or interesting and smile.

Tell someone about it.

What are you going to make space for this month? What do you want to remember that you learned from the last? What is essential and what is extra? 

I’m so grateful for you! I hope we can connect soon. 

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