Hello dear ones,

They come in sets… these waves. It’s been a dynamic season and there is a harvest ahead of us. Dropping awareness into the rhythm can be so soothing. The explosive growth of summer, the scorching heat (even in Alaska this year!) and, the brightness will subside. The time to collect what will nourish us through the winter months is coming. It is a good time to consider how to flow with the seasons as we start back towards the inward turning ones.

I’m most looking forward to the structure, support and sweetness of commitment that is the Insight Teacher Training program. In just about one month a group will gather in Anchorage for a weeklong immersion. We will cleanse our palates, clear a path in our minds, condition our bodies to the rhythm of regular practice and delight in the company of those who also aspire to inspire!!!

This role of mine has been one of the most rewarding and one of the most challenging of my life! The joy of witnessing self-discovery buoys the struggle of confronting obstacles. The privilege of intimacy and shared process is one that continues to both humble and incite my commitment to do more. In this climate of environmental and political crisis, this commitment to presence and purpose, to practice, to learn and to support healthy growth and development is ESSENTIAL to our very survival!

If you are looking for ways to cope and/or for ways to serve. THIS is the way. This program is here to help us take better care of ourselves so we can take care of each other. The senses, the body, the breath and the spirit are the tools at our disposal. They are where the whole of our experience will be realized. They are what we have been offered and what we have to offer.

This is the last time that we’ll be offering this program with such a generous and flexible schedule as the Yoga Alliance standards are changing. If the schedule and/or the opportunity for Independent Study is important to you – please make it a priority to join us this year. We’ll let you know if individual courses have room for additional registrants once the program is underway. For every deep breath and every heartfelt intention that you offer to this practice.. moving us all towards peace, thank you.

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