Spring Equinox 2020

 width=It’s happening! We have almost 12 hours of light in Alaska and it just keeps coming! These seasons of change are powerful conduits for change, whether we want it or not. Our spring equinox yoga practice video is embedded below for you!

Besides the light, there will soon be water flowing and grass growing. We’ll be able to smell and see the earth, we’ll be able to feel the warmth of the sun. Can you feel your senses starting to tingle at the memory and anticipation of it?

Depending on your constitution, which is based on the dominance of elements in your system, you may be dreading or excitedly anticipating this change. 

Do you know much about your constitution? If you do, you’ve realized a superpower! If you’re still figuring it out, or, if you’re curious how it correlates with the elements: click here to take a little quiz and find out more. 

Regardless of your type, there is propulsive energy in this season and we can use it to motivate positive change. That habit that you’re ready to break, that value that you’re ready to see reflected, that schedule that you’ve been dreaming about for a while now… THESE possibilities are here. Equinox yoga practice is a powerful way to maintain presence and direct growth and development.

It won’t happen without your loving attention.

Here are some tips to help focus your yoga and mindfulness practice this spring so you can enjoy the best of ALL of the elements!

    1. PAUSE

Notice the pause in between breaths. Add more in between forkfuls of food. To formalize and stabilize this practice, add 5 minutes of stillness in between activities. Rest for 10 minutes in a supported yoga posture at least once, ideally throughout the day.

Pause regularly and in a way that feels luxurious. A bath, meditation or journaling practice, a walk by yourself, or even just a few minutes sitting in the car will give your mind a chance to digest. This is yoga too. 

The best part is that if you just do the pausing, it does the balancing. Try not to consume anything during this time… close your eyes if you can turn off the radio, shut the door. If you’re bathing or walking or journaling, try a nice slow steady pace and involve as many senses as possible. 

    1. ORIENT

Notice the qualities of your present moment experience. Where are you? Here we anchor to the foundations of mindfulness. Notice your body, your breath, your mood, and your thoughts. This is yoga practice. 

It is better if you reinforce this intention by tracking what you notice… write it down or repeat it. Contact me for tools to help with this. 

Use all 6 senses: what are you seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling, tasting, sensing/intuiting? If you notice that there’s dullness or hyperactivity around any of these, note that too. 

Let your perspective broaden to help orient you to your day, maybe even your week… is it early, late or midday? are you hungry, thirsty or satisfied? lethargic, energized or jittery?


Survival first… if you’re reading this, you’re doing ok! How BEST to support your potential next! 

Make a list of the most essential, most important, and most enjoyable things that you DO (or want to do) with your precious time. A minimum of 8 hours for sleep should be the first thing on there! Go ahead and be as creative and free as you can be with this list-making process… 

Then, prioritize. In which direction do you want the transformational power of this season to propel you? Get out a calendar (or a blank piece of paper) and start to engineer a schedule. Use that list of priorities that you just made. Use a pencil… be prepared to compromise. Be sure to figure in travel time and, if you’re anything like me, LOTS of contingency for all of the shiny things that might distract you along the way!

Repetition is the key to success. Your mind, your muscles, and your network need time to get used to a new way. Be patient and persistent as you continue to work through these steps. Pause, notice, prioritize on an hourly basis when in crisis or early recovery, on a daily basis when you’re getting started with a new routine and on a weekly basis once you start enjoying some stability. Repetition that includes adaptation is the master key to success. Keep paying attention and revising your strategy as you get more feedback and/or as priorities change. 

Know that you are not alone! May all beings enjoy life, inspired, supported and free! May this equinox yoga practice support your equanimity and may you enjoy this season of change!

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