Writing prompts for Winter Writing Workshops

We have a new series of winter writing workshops for you! This is yoga too. Yoga is skillful action. It is connecting intention with action. It is the realization of our potential and the willingness to practice being present within the context of our life experience… at every stage. Writers know just how difficult, and how rewarding this practice can be.

At Yoga for Mental Health we are always looking for ways to encourage insight, and connection. Insight, or, seeing things clearly, allows us to connect more easily. When we can see more clearly what doors are open and which are closed, what paths are fraught with obstacles and which unfold with ease, and whose mind/heart is open, we have a much better idea of what energy we will need for what is ahead, and, sometimes, the chance to choose. Sometimes we might proceed as planned, maybe at a different pace, other times we might change course.

The process of giving form to feeling is one that helps us to more confidently and completely orient to our experience. Using stories, characters, and descriptions of sense experiences helps us to see more clearly what we are doing here. Writing is one way that we support our brains’ ability to see options and exert influence (however limited it might be.)

I think choice is less apparent than most of us were taught. “Make good choices” is a common refrain in our culture. “They made bad choices” is another that doesn’t excuse, but is used to explain, many a misfortune. When we look more closely, this belief in personal agency seems a bit shortsighted.

Truly, it seems, we are “making choices” subconsciously, based on habit, culture, expectations and, the profound effect of mirror neurons. It is not in a supercharged moment that we have much, if any, power to choose a creative, adaptive, compassionate course, unless, of course, that is what our habit, culture, expectations, and mirror neurons are set on doing.

What does this all have to do with winter writing workshops you may be wondering?

Well, seeing more clearly, how WE work, we can set ourselves up for success. In an oft cited article from the NIH, Acharya and Shulka, describes a neurological process as follows: “simultaneous activation of cells leads to pronounced increases in synaptic strength between those cells.” For our purposes… “practice writing more often and get better at writing;” “use writing as a way to foster insight and get easier access to insight;” “use the structure of a scheduled group to help support writing and write more.”

Our winter writing workshops

Pairing writing workshops with winter is part of our intention. During this time, it may actually be easier for us to access insight. Winter is, by nature, a reflective time of year. It is colder and there is luminous, rather than radiant light. We may be more sensitive, we may see more shadows. We may realize that alone, it is more difficult. It might also be difficult during this season to be together in big, flashy ways.

Our winter writing workshops aim to provide just the right balance between comfy cozy and a little nudge. We will honor the reflective, introverted nature of the season while also calling attention to the importance of where, and with whom, we are. When we see kind, earnest, courageous people practicing, we see ourselves: kind, earnest, and courageous.

Whether you are looking for the structure and support that you need to:

outline your novel,

write your next chapter,

put words to your feelings, or,

simply expand beyond writing only “to do” lists,

this group is for you! You can join for just one, or for the whole series.

Each session will include a guided mindfulness meditation, a writing prompt, and an opportunity to practice sharing. You may share your attention, love, support, encouragement, process and/or your work!

On behalf of all beings who endeavor as we do… thank you.

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